Saturday, 8 February 2014

Holiday at PD Pantai Teluk Biru

After 7 hours journey, finally we reached Mesra Hotel.
Luckily there was one guest check out at the time we asked
at the Hotel Loby which is next to the beach..
Other places were all jam-packed and full housed with so
many people flooding and celebrating "Raya Cina" at PD.

In a very early morning at the beach.
What a Beautiful sunny day.

We spent half a day swimming and building sand castle.
Nearby, there was "havoc havoc havoc" all the way near Food Court
and parking area where people busied themselves with free show
and entertainment.

In the evening, we were heading toward KL with another assingment
with Angah.

What a hectic 2-day trip.........
Sayonara PD.
CCCCCCCC youhhhhhh!!!!!!!

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